"...and what is lacking of the sufferings of Christ, I fill up in my flesh for His body, which is the Church..." (Col.1:24)
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                                                              The Virgin in Prayer
                                             Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato                                            


                                  This is the cover of the prayer book I received from St. Francis of Assisi
                                  parish when I made my First Communion. It is made so elegantly, with
                                  heavy glossy pages and color pictures.
                                  If we are to be as little children, then maybe we should pray from a child's prayer and gain a child's heart. . .

  The inside cover...The Crucifix, mother-of-pearl, recessed against golden mesh.

  Page 1.  The gold flowers on the left were made by my Grandmother--
  her artistic expression.  

      Great Nostalgia...This is the way it was in those days.     

First Communion prayer..."Bless me,also, dear Jesus, and help me to be good
and pure, so that You will be pleased to come and stay with me."




Lovely Lady. . .Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
always said this prayer...especially on his TV

This exquisite little card came with a child's tiny Miraculous Medal attached to it.

Enlargement. . .

  This beautiful  prayer on the reverse side. . .

Our Lady of Sorrows. . . A very old prayer card. . .They don't make them like this anymore.

The reverse side of the prayer card.

Our Lady of Grace, from whom Padre Pio obtained countless answers to prayers!

How to meditate and pray--advice from Padre Pio to his spiritual daughter
Annita Rodote, in a letter dated February 6, 1915. . . .

"...Firstly, try to place yourself in the presence of God, and for this purpose, know
that God is really there in the centre of your soul with the entire heavenly court.  From
here you will begin your prayers and meditation. Try, in all this, to close your eyes, to
hold your head possibly upright, resting your forehead on the palm of the hand or
hands, whichever is easiest for you. All this should be done without excessive affectation. . . ."

Here is a meditation Padre Pio wrote for 'after Communion.' It speaks to the Lord so
beautfully. . . .a 'must say' for us all.

From the innocence of our childhood to our adult years. . .Our 'grown-up' prayer to
The Sacred Heart:

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on me
O God, Forgive me for al the sins of my life:
The sins of my body and the sins of my soul,
The sins I have confessed and the sins I have forgotten,
The sins against others in thought, word and deed,
My sins of omission
Oh, my God, I am sorry for all my sins, because You are so good;
and I will not sin again with the help of God.
God, be merciful to me, a sinner.
Divine Heart of Jesus, convert sinners, save the dying, deliver the
holy souls in purgatory.

Traditional Prayer of Reparation from the Irish

Prayer For Peace In Our Family




Lord Jesus, be with my family.  Grant us Your peace and harmony, an end to conflict and division.
Gift us with the compassion to better understand each other, the wisdom and love to assist each
other, and the trust and patience to live peacefully together.  Grant that through the intercession
of Your mother, Mary, and St. Joseph, our family too, may become a holy family, accepting each
other, working together in unity, and selflessly dedicated to one another and to You. Amen


I live alone, dear Lord, stay by my side;
In all my daily needs, be Thou my guide.
Grant me good health, for that I pray
To carry on my work from day to day.
Keep pure my thoughts, my every deed.
Let me be kind and unselfish in my neighbor's needs.
Spare me from fire, from floods, malicious tongues,
From thieves, from fear, and evil ones.
If sickness or an accident befall me,
Then humbly, Lord, I pray, hear thou my call.
And when I am feeling low or in despair,
Lift up my heart and help me in my prayer.
I live alone, dear Lord, yet have no fear
Because I feel Your presence ever near.
            (Franciscan Mission Associates)

The Ultimate Surprise in Heaven

                               Author Unknown