"...and what is lacking of the sufferings of Christ, I fill up in my flesh for His body, which is the Church..." (Col.1:24)
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to the English Edition of THE VOICE OF PADRE PIO, which celebrated its 40th year in 2011 and continues. . .

. . .making known, with truth and love, their Spiritual Father, Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. 
Here is the cover of the First Issue!

The first edition of The Voice of Padre Pio: Year 1 - number 1 - 1971. Reproducing the large size here (9½ X13½) required a hasty splicing of the picture.

For four decades this magazine has grown into a treasure trove of beautiful and priceless documents -- stories, testimonies, reminiscences, the lore of the mysterious Gargano, the history of the land. . . and the miraculous!  

It has been a record of how Padre Pio began a new history that encompassed the past and virtually guaranteed the future of the Gargano. 
Through the years I was able to read memoirs of Padre Pio by his confreres, published in Italian but not yet available in book form in English. But they were in English in The Voice -- such as Fra Modestino's Witness to the Padre, and Padre Pio Da Pietrelcina, Crucifix Without the Cross, by Padre Fernando Da Riese Pio X.  Many of Padre Pellegrino's wonderfully self-deprecating essays of his little debates with Padre Pio were published in the magazine before they were issued in a book, Jack of All Trades.  They  brought delight and smiles through their dry humor, telling how Padre Pio often put him in his place. 

Padre Pio's letters, of course, all saw first English light in The Voice. 

This is the Voice of Padre Pio.  His spirituality, his words, his mission, his world continues in these pages, under the care and guidance of the Capuchin Friars.  May they have many more anniversaries!
This historical first issue has so much that is beautiful in it, so many nostalgic beginnings. Brother Bill, (later to become Fr. Joseph Pius Martin) was on his way to becoming a priest, and there is a picture of the first group of young seminarians in San Giovanni Rotondo, with 'Brother Bill' among them. He wasn't imagining, we're sure, that he would one day be the editor of the English language edition of The Voice of Padre Pio for years!



This 1971 picture of the first seminarians at San Giovanni Rotondo includes young 'Brother Bill' standing third from the right, back row.  Later, as Father Joseph Pius Martin (RIP May 3, 2000), he would become the editor of the English edition ofThe Voice of Padre Pio.

     When Father Joseph passed on in 2000, Father Francesco D. Colacelli became editor of The Voice of Padre Pio (he is now the new Provincial Minister of the Capuchins Friar Minor of the Religious Province of Sant'Angelo and Padre Pio, elected April 22, 2010), and Father Ermelindo di Capua was made Assistant Editor.  He also took the reins of the English office and travels all over the world for special Masses, celebrations and events for Padre Pio.  He is kept moving! as there is no end to the following and devotion to Padre Pio. You can read his reports in The Voice  each issue. 
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Fr. Ermelindo from The Voice of Padre Pio, 
with his assistants, Robert (from America)                        and Tiziana.