"...and what is lacking of the sufferings of Christ, I fill up in my flesh for His body, which is the Church..." (Col.1:24)
HE SHALL STAY! ...Upcoming Book!
■ The Evening Rosary at Our Lady of Grace
■ Encounters With Padre Pio...How We Met Him
■ Taking Padre Pio Home
■ The Gold Room...Padre Pio's Cell
■ The Wounds of Belief
■ A Novelist Discovering the Gargano and Thereabouts
■ The Saints: What Were They Onto?
■ All That You Can Imagine Is Not All That There Is...
■ The DaVinci Code -- Again!
■ The Impulse of Grace
■ The Voice of Padre Pio
■ Music Hath Charms...or is supposed to.
■ Padre Pio's Prophetic Words
■ September Memorial of Padre Pio -- Do You Have One?
■ Padre Pio at the Table
■ To Padre Pio's Credit
■ The Powerful Sway
■ How Magneli Got Her PRAYER GROUP
■ Orbis Catholicus
■ "Grace is everywhere."
FR.JOSEPH PIUS MARTIN PAGES..."A Friar With A Generous Heart"
■ Eulogy to Father Joseph
■ A Prayer Group Need
■ Becoming a Spiritual Child of Padre Pio
HE SHALL STAY! ...Upcoming Book!

Coming Soon!!  
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He Shall Stay! 

A Memoir of Fr. Joseph Pius Martin...Padre Pio's Cyrenean.

 by   Jeanette Salerno                                                              

My memories and observations, with  my family, of our thirty-four year friendship
with Father Joseph, who was born in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up a neighborhood
or so away from us -- although we didn’t know each other then. His sudden death in 2000
was a shock to all who knew and loved him.  He was chosen by Padre Pio to help with the
English-speaking pilgrims...and stepped into history when he caught the Padre
as he fainted from the altar at his last Mass. 

      Surely it follows he is still assisting the Padre. . .

Father Joseph had many friends in the English-speaking world who loved him.
If you would like to know when this memoir will become available, just leave 
your email request below, and I'll send you a notice.

To all of you already on my waiting list, alas, publication is delayed because of a family
illness, but I plan publication before the year is out. And I pray it will be worth the wait. 

In Padre Pio's words, Pace e bene... 

Here is the 1971 picture of Fr. Joseph as a young man,
one of those first seminarians  in San Giovanni Rotondo!

Fr. Joseph is standing third from right!

EXCERPTS from HE SHALL STAY!  Reprinted from
       THE VOICE OF PADRE PIO: Parts 1, 2, 3, 2009-2010.
       See Below.    

COMMENTS from some readers of the EXCERPTS:
"I so very much enjoyed your writings regarding my cousin, Bill Martin... 
After reading your many words describing your friendship with Billy, I
realized that you knew him well. I'm really looking forward to reading
your book when it is published...Thanks so much for helping me
what a great guy he was...Bill was always a very gentle person as was
St. Pio. His association with Padre Pio has brought many in our family
the knowledge and subsequent devotion to our beloved saint." 
                                                                            Ellen Quinn             

"This is a very beautiful story around this great priest and Padre Pio. I wish
the articles had been longer, they leave you thirsty. I am sure many others
think and feel just like me.  How our dear Lord loves you, you had the great
privilege of meeting Padre Pio, of being great friends of Charlie [Mandina]
for decades and also the great friendship you kept with this lovely priest.
You are in debt with life, my dear friends, your books need to come out soon. 
People (me included) need to read stories about great priests, about big
souls, written by dearest friends who witnessed, one way or another, all
these moments described in the articles. . . I am in awe after reading these
pages. They are an important testimony of someone who lived day by day
with Padre Pio for a number of years.  This is first class information. . . My
deepest recognition for the work done and for the one you are still doing." 

          Magneli Villanueva, Dir., Gruppo de Oracion del Padre Pio
Prayer Group
of Monterrey, Mexico  (See: How Magneli Got Her Prayer Group)

Exciting and beautiful story, work of art. . . After lamenting that
Padre Alessio and Padre Joseph were not allowed to witness the
canonization that they had exhausted themselves to bring to
fruition, you then reveal the reason - they had been given special
invitations to witness the crowning with the heavenly court!
A stroke of Salerno inspiration!                                                                       
                                                 Frank Rega                                                                                         
(Author of "Padre Pio and America," "St. Francis of Assisi and the
Conversion of the Muslims," "Life of the Mystic Luisa Piccarr
Journeys in the Divine Will, The Early  Years." )


"My wife and I first met Fr. Joseph in 1988 when we arrived in San
Giovanni Rotondo and found him standing at the door of the church.
He subsequently gave us the name for our prayer group here in
Geelong, Australia -- Our Lady of the Holy Souls. . . .Then, in 1999, 
I took a group from Australia to Padre Pio's beatification. . .
[Father Joseph] told me I was to be in the procession with Padre
Pio's relic, along with the people running  Padre Pio centres in
England, Ireland, Scotland, and the U.S." 
   Paul MacLeod, Former Director (Ret.) of the Geelong Padre
Pio Centre in Australia, which has now transferred to Leichhardt
in Sydney,  Australia  

"It was great to read the first installment. . . of the condensation
of the book you are publishing about Father Joseph.  His death was
an immense sorrow for me: I considered him a dear, dear friend,
who had a direct helpline with the Almighty and with Padre Pio....
I rang him or went down to get advice from him and to pray at
Padre Pio's tomb.  The help he got for me was amazing. I always
felt that Fr. Joseph was one of the holiest people I ever knew. " 

(Priscilla Burke, Artist, Rome, Italy)

 HE SHALL STAY!    Parts 1, 2, 3.  
 Reprinted Excerpts from THE VOICE OF PADRE PIO



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