"...and what is lacking of the sufferings of Christ, I fill up in my flesh for His body, which is the Church..." (Col.1:24)
Our Hearts Are Restless...

This photo of St. Anthony was sent to us by our dear friend, John. When his father bought their home on Long Island many years ago, he cleared away the "brush" in the spacious garden and found this statue of St. Anthony hidden and forgotten in the overgrowth.  Although not Catholic, he kept it in place and made room around it, and it has been there ever since, gazing through the tracery of green leaves.  John's father has since passed on, but John has a devotion to the Franciscan Saint and keeps the statue right where it was found. Although  St. Anthony was a teacher, preacher and Doctor of the Scriptures, and was witnessed holding the child Jesus in a brilliant light, he is also known for finding lost or stolen things, based on an event in his own life, when his psalter was stolen. 
After praying, the psalter was returned.  But in John's case, St. Anthony, himself, was the lost thing. . .until  found, no doubt with his own help.
Moral of the story: our saints wait for us to clear away the clutter and find them....

    On June 13, 1990  (St. Anthony).  I spent half a day in Memphis and had a few hours to spare. 
I checked with the local tourist bureau for the most historical Catholic church to visit.  Of course they told me about St. Peter's.  I dashed over for the noon Mass in the chapel, and after the Mass, sadly, I had to dash on, but not without a long glance at the beauty of the church.  One sight that caught my eye was a magnificent statue of St. Jude --we've long had a devotion to him. It seemed towering and took my breath away.  I love the folds and draping. I took a picture, then was off. 

    The picture I took of St. Jude (here) came out quite well, for someone not a camera-bug, and we keep it on the wall with other pictures of saints.  Now I've launched my website, and I'm including this picture in my GALLERIA as the most beautiful statue of St. Jude I've ever seen. (Note the icon St. Jude is holding, how much it resembles the face of the Shroud!)

      I've written Fr. Tom Condon to be sure it's still there.  It is. 

This picture of The Good Shepherd is from my childhood...
a simple, yet profound message is there!

On the slopes of the Gargano mountain, I suddenly found this landscape, and I knew that Padre Pio must be there....with the same
message for his spiritual children. . . .




                  STAY  TUNED . . . .