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Feb. 14, 2009 

Here's a wonderful Catholic blog !   orbiscatholicus.blogspot.com/

It now has a sister blog -- orbiscatholicus secundus The first blogspot reached its 'fill' and now it continues as 'Part Two' so to speak!
It is especially wonderful  because you get to see the Rome you will never see on most tours and pilgrimages....There just isn't the time.

The young man who writes this blog, J. Sonnen, lives in Rome, is a tour guide there and posts beautiful, professional photographs of every place he visits,
and of wonderful details of altars, buildings, people (mostly religious). If you scroll down and read everything, you'll come across his photos of Padre Pio places, even Pio's vestments. But reading Jon Sonnen's short, pithy comments is delightful and enlightening. They have a twinkle in them.  He is very, very Catholic, in the true traditional sense, and his intelligence and knowledge of the Church of the past is creative and bracing! He is a great talent--another
like him you won't easily find in the blogosphere. Take advantage, and if you're going to Rome, maybe you can use his service in some way.

When I'm in Rome, I like to walk everywhere. I find the places and churches I love, and seek out the sacred and spiritual stories and histories in each of
them. This is the sort of thing he does. It always left me unsatisfied when a tour guide takes a group through "Christian Rome" and spends all the time pointing out solely the architecture.  Great as that is--and I DO LOVE the architecture of Catholic churches--that is not the main reason why pilgrims travel lands and oceans to enter these churches.  There are also hundreds of Catholic legendary stories, and 'secret' corners inside these churches to seek out....

Here are a few posted reader comments on Orbis Catholicus.

"...continue with your wonderful chronicle of the Court of Rome. Life is not worthy to be lived without Beauty. God is Beauty; the Roman Church is beautiful. Thanks for all!"

"I loved the Catholic Church more than ever after I started reading your blog."

"This is such a great blog, you are doing God's work here; you are expanding interest in the great history of Holy Mother Church; you are making us want to come to Rome and be better Catholics."

Soooo....Happy viewing of these wonderful photographs and J. Sonnen's instructive, cheerful, insightful comments.